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a month ago

Episode 64: Shandi Ilyse, Allison Bauer, And Jessie Tully

Shandi, Allison, and Jessie are three theatre practitioners who joined forces to create the Blood n'Blush podcast, combining true crime, makeup, and current events. Like a Voltron of shit you drown in on Youtube.

We met up at good ol' Urban Beans to talk about acknowledging 2nd jobs as a part of an artist's life, accepting praise from your peers whether or not you agree, and being shocked that anyone actually listens to their weird ass podcast.

Shandi Ilyse is currently in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at Theatreworks, which runs Friday-Saturday-Sunday through October 27.

You can also downlod their friend's narrative podcast All in my Head starting on Halloween.

And of course listen to Blood n' Blush every Monday on all your fav social media and pod sites.

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